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A Central Search Command or Control Center with All Three (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) Site Search Tools

The awesome
Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine

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This REGUMREX's 123OneSearch combo of google, bing and yahoo! is not the usual site search engine you add to your webpage.
It is not a metasearch engine either.
This is completely different from all other site search engines.

It is akin to and derived from the great google sitesearch.

Let me explain.

You can get some millions of sites from the search engines.
Most sites have their own site search powered by one of the major search engines
or they may use,,,, or the like.

If you want to go to a particular site and do a search, you can if you have enough time and patience.

And what if a site does not have a site search?

No problem.

This page shows you an amazing shortcut to both site searches and Web search.

All you need is the correct URL (link, hyperlink, address, location).

URL for site search:

Now all you do is enter the URL in the domain box
and enter your search word, term, phrase, string, query or question in the other one and press Search.

Try it and see for yourself.

about:blank or about:Tabs for Web search:

Don't worry, about:blank and about:Tabs are not viruses!

If you want a Web search, type about:blank or about:Tabs in the domain box and your search term in the other one and click Search.

You can use Google or MSN Live or Yahoo!.

You don't have to go to any search engine or site or page.

You won't have to leave this page at all.

Most links and search results will open in new browser windows.

Search any site in any language straight from here!

Help tip:

Let's assume we're looking for movies made in 1914, enter 1914 in the first box
and in the second box (any_domain) type and press Search in.

The search results will open in a new window

and each link there will take you to the main site:

This is your command center. You can commandeer any site or page and do a thorough site search!

I made this page for my personal use and I hope you will find it useful too.

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REGUMREX's 1-2-3OneSearch

1. Google:

Type your search terms, strings or queries in the first box.
In the second box enter the site (preferably in the format,,,,,,,,,,,
Try prefixing www. to see the differences if any in search results.
Type or paste pooka in the first box and in the second box and search.
Remember the Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey (1950)?

Try puka next.

mirabile dictu! Wonderful! Just type the simple in the domain field
enter any of the following words or phrases (search strings) and click Search in this site: and see what happens.
nhl, soccer, weather, bayern-munich, mls, life style, travel, weight loss, photo gallery ...

So that's it! That's how it will work for you - in any language!

Well, in fine, at the risk of perpetrating a quasi-truism, the sky and the horizon are the limit!

If you want only a general search with no particular site in mind, in the second field (any_domain) just type about:blank or about:Tabs

You can have hours and hours of fun!

google logo

2. MSN Live Search/

Enter your search words, terms, phrases, questions etc in the first box.
In the second box, enter the name of your search engine or site like

To make this a "protocol site search", type your site name like this:
site:, site:

MSN Search

3. Yahoo!

Input words, phrases, etc in the top search box.

If you choose a domain, then Yahoo! will return results exclusively from that site.

If you leave the domain field blank by just clicking on YOUR SITE DOMAIN, Yahoo! will do a Web search.

Domain format -- Try variations: without www.

Search the web Search this site


czech - greek - hebrew - indian - japanese - korean - russian...
translators-cum-transliterators galore!
The Indian Language Script Converter Transliterator
through the courtesy of r/

Included on Thursday, 1/23/2014, 4:37 PM CST MMXIV January 23, 2014, Thursday, 01/23/14

Besides the transliteration tools links found on the left side of this page, you can use Lexilogos and Google input tools.
Almost every language you can think of would seem to be there! nt_dictionary.htm ary.htm ionary.htm

Try Google Input Tools online:

You can try it all out in: filename=tryhtml_basic

Cognates (allied, associated or related sites and pages):

Useful Links;

1. Convert a Web page (HTML hyperlink or URL) to RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication).
2. Convert RSS Feed URL to JavaScript.

http://www.chinese- Multilanguage-Dictionary/ dictionary phrasebooks nguages.htm Mandarin-Chinese-in-a-Day


Los Angeles County + University of Southern California (LAC +USC):
University of Southern California:
Loma Linda University (LLU):
Harbor UCLA Medical Center:
Indiana University:
IUPUI: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis:
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI:
http://www.menieres- terminology.htm lands_split.jsp? pg=/ppdocs/us/common/dorlands/dorland/misc/dmd-a-b-000.htm ry.html
< A href="" target=_blank>

Labs (HTML, CSS, JavaScript Practice Tester Bed or WorkPad):< BR> filename=tryhtml_basic
Download KompoZer .exe file
Download SeaMonkey & Composer

Colors Galore:

One of the best color pickers: e


Tuesday 1:52-11:59 PM CDT 9/20/2011 MMXI September 20

Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics Online Book at Questia Online Library

Read this book online!
Click any link to read more
Table of Contents english-literature-and-oriental-classics-by-r-h-blyth.jsp? CRID=bp_zen_in_english_literature_and_oriental_classics_by_r_h _blyth&OFFID=se1&KEY=bp_zen_in_english_literature_and_orient al_classics

Table of Contents
Title Page a=o&d=30475595
PREFACE a=o&d=30475599
CONTENTS a=o&d=30475605
List of Illustrations a=o&d=30475607
Chapter I: WHAT IS ZEN? a=o&d=30475609
Chapter II: RELIGION IS POETRY a=o&d=30475636
Chapter III: POETRY IS EVERY-DAY LIFE a=o&d=30475668
Chapter IV: DIRECTNESS IS ALL a=o&d=30475705
Chapter V: SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE a=o&d=30475727
Chapter Vl: CONCRETE AND ABSTRACT a=o&d=30475756
Chapter IX: THE MIND OF MAN a=o&d=30475831
Chapter X: WORDS, WORDS, WORDS a=o&d=30475847
Chapter XI: FIGURES OF SPEECH a=o&d=30475933
Chapter XII: THE PALE CAST OF THOUGHT a=o&d=30475962
Chapter XIII: PARADOX a=o&d=30475985
Chapter XIV: DON QUIXOTE a=o&d=30476009
Chapter XV: PANTHEISM, MYSTICISM, ZEN a=o&d=30476027
Chapter XVI: PANTHEISM, MYSTICISM, ZEN a=o&d=30476040
Chapter XVII: "RELIGIOUS" POETRY a=o&d=30476059
Chapter XVIII: NON-ATTACHMENT a=o&d=30476092
Chapter XIX: NON-ATTACHMENT a=o&d=30476104
Chapter XX: NON-ATTACHMENT a=o&d=30476135
Chapter XXI: NON-ATTACHMENT a=o&d=30476135
Chapter XXII: DEATH a=o&d=30476150
Chapter XXIII: CHILDREN a=o&d=30476172
Chapter XXIV: IDIOTS AND OLD MEN a=o&d=30476188
Chapter XXV: POVERTY a=o&d=30476200
Chapter XXVI: ANIMALS a=o&d=30476217
Chapter XXVII: WORDSWORTH a=o&d=30476235
Chapter XXVIII: SHAKESPEARE a=o&d=30476250
INDEX a=o&d=30476262 english-literature-and-oriental-classics-by-r-h-blyth.jsp? CRID=bp_zen_in_english_literature_and_oriental_classics_by_r_h _blyth&OFFID=se1&KEY=bp_zen_in_english_literature_and_orient al_classics orientquestialibrary filename=tryhtml_intro

Email the link (URL) to this site/page
A Random Darkgate Comic Strip
Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics gcx=w&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=Zen+in+English +Literature+and+Oriental+Classics
zen in literature blyth hl=en&sugexp=tshc&cp=23&gs_id=s&xhr=t&q=zen%20in %20literature %20blyth&qe=emVuIGluIGxpdGVyYXR1cmUgYmx5dGg&qesig=Qk kdcaVWvdCjCmD2aHzu_g&pkc=AFgZ2tltXFAODS- Nuicar0IDXwMS1zK- e0BCMfoA1tiM44TcQ5E27LyvTDrVeSc0GXML0i670WPoCitFGt0y40 wuNn_ZzRXDeg&newwindow=1&safe=off&nord=1&gs_sm=&gs_u pl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&ion=1&biw=1333&bih=753&um=1 &ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw&authuser=0 Literature-Oriental-Classics/dp/0486425045 _And_Oriental_Classics_Blyth_GoogleWebSearch.pdf _Blyth_GoogleImagesSearch.pdf _Blyth_GoogleMapsSearch.pdf _Blyth_GoogleVideosSearch.pdf _Blyth_GoogleWebSearch.pdf

Friday 2:57-11:56 PM CDT 9/16/2011 MMXI September 16

omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci util

+classics +greek + latin +literature eb

+classics +greek + latin +sanskrit sanscrit +literature filename=tryhtml_intro

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